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Helene Goldnadel on Helping Your Child Develop His Special Abilities

It may not be immediately apparent, but all children are very good at SOMETHING. In the modern education process, these God-given strengths and talents are often overlooked. Identifying these special talents is an integral aspect of child development. If your child has a special talent, his or her schoolteachers should know of it - it may not always translate into better grades, but it will definitely help in bringing out your child's special persona.


A child's special talents can be overlooked in school for various reasons. For instance, he or she may not speak English as a primary language. In many cases, a talented child is sensitive to the point of introversion, in which case his or her special abilities are hidden under a bushel for most part of the school years. If your child attends a school that, apart from academics, also focuses on identifying children's special abilities, your child is indeed lucky. Such schools usually have methods of grooming such gifts and helping the child develop them.


However, it all begins with you - the parent. There is really no substitute to helping your kid to develop his or her special ability at home. It is only when you have identified such a talent and pointed it out to your child convincingly that you should make the school aware of it. This cannot be early enough, and it doesn't require you to have that talent yourself - or even a lot of money to spare for the grooming process. All you really need to do is encourage your child to set higher goals for himself in that department. He needs to know that he can succeed in it if he applies himself sufficiently.


The will to pursue and polish any talent begins with appreciation for it from those who matter in our lives. You, as parents, are the most significant and influential people in your child's life. Your appreciation and encouragement will set the cornerstone for his willingness to develop a talent for music, painting, writing, public speaking, sports, etc.


Also, expose your child to notable personalities who have this talent. For example, if your child has a special ability for playing the flute, make him watch videos of famous flautists. This will help him find a role model to emulate - even a genius child learns mostly by imitation to begin with. Once you have laid the groundwork for your child's growth in this field, alert his school and enlist his teachers' cooperation in grooming it further. In many schools, children earn extra credits by participating in cultural events, so it may make a difference in your child's grades even if his or her talent has no immediately apparent academic value. Most importantly, however, you are helping your child become a unique individual.


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