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Development of Creative Potential in Children

Man has got tremendous creative potential. Only a few seem to understand this fact. Creativity and the ability to innovate are to be developed even from early childhood. A proper training and exposure are prerequisites for the development of this potential. More than anyone else parents are primarily responsible for the development of creativity development in children. Sadly most parents do not know how to recognize and cultivate the talents their children have.

Heredity determines the potential a child possesses. But environmental factors, which can be controlled by parents, determine to what extent that potential could be developed. So, it's very important that parents take control of their children's environment, preferably even from the early childhood, to mold their future. A proper guidance given to children in the right environment will do wonders and they will reap the benefits later in life.

Developing talents is like growing a tree. The right environment will help the tree grow to the fullest extent it's programmed to grow in the seed.

By equipping themselves with the right kind of knowledge parents can help children achieve this goal. There are some principles parents should earn to create a right environment for their children. The environment has got two parts, one is physical and the other is 'cultural' which includes the behavior, intellect ,attitude etc.. Parents can have control over these two factors provided they are interested and determined to make the necessary changes. With a strong passion they can learn about the right environment and put into practice the principles of potential development.

Helene Goldnadel is of the view that the best investment parents can make for their children is to help children achieve their full potential. Parents should start the process when a child is born to them. There is no short cut and at the same it shouldn't be complicated also.

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